Thursday, 29 March 2012

analysis of 6 websites similar to mine

6 Websites for analysis

This is my 6 website comparisons, in which i researched into 6 other websites based on a similar campaign to mine and analysed certain factors eg homepage, and compared them to my homepage looking at factors such as colour, font, and choice of language and this shows how they have approached their target audience in which i also must consider.By looking at other websites similar to mine it also informed me of things such as what images to use etc and how i can maximise the use of my website.

Picture camera

This is the camera we used to take photo's through-out our AS project, this camera was useful as it was easily transportable, and of high enough quality. It was also easy to upload pictures from it and so saved a lot of time.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

hi craig

Can you start by putting what you have in order according to the approximate date you did things.

Explain everything you have on here - explain what it is, why you did it and what you learned from it.

You need to use print screens in your analysis of other websites so the moderator can see what you're talking about.